RUKCO impacts and engages employees at all levels,
from executive leadership to front-line labor.

RUKCO offers a unique approach to organizational behavior, safety and risk management. Our firm provides both on-site staffing and customized processes designed to improve operational safety and performance. We offer experts for individual projects and enjoy long-term partnerships with companies who want sustained cultural change.



To be honest, this is often what separates us from the pack. At RUKCO, we believe true expertise requires a deeper understanding of the industries we impact. Our healthcare clients know the value of having operational professionals who are also ASHE certified. Risk management companies appreciate working with people already connected to IRMI and its industry resources. 

Our industry-specific knowledge and unique perspective creates a dynamic environment ideal for seamless integration and next-level innovation. 




You can always improve how your business operates. Efficiency and performance are impacted by an endless list of factors spanning key components of any operation.

RUKCO works with clients to identify and impact these factors, creating systematic processes supported by a culture of respect and collaboration.


To improve operational safety, we must design and implement the right processes while properly training and developing our people. 


Overlooked too often, your company's operational culture can mean the difference between manageable risk and a dangerous environment. 


We work with you to give your people the knowledge, confidence and support to do their job right the first time, every time.  


When you maximize safety and quality, efficiency reaches its full potential.