We are an extension of our clients.

RUKCO combines real-world experience, the latest in academic research, and a partner-tailored approach to positively impact workplace culture. We accomplish this by taking a fully integrated approach, developing relationships with leadership teams and employees alike to truly understand the organization and its strengths and opportunities.



Hire the best professionals. Empower them to perform at the highest level. Create an integrated culture focused on client service. At RUKCO, we refuse to accept the status quo and challenge our people to re-establish the bar. Our clients expect creative, impactful solutions, and that's what we deliver. From job site safety and behavioral management to staffing and training, RUKCO provides custom solutions to evolve workplace culture, increase efficiency and fuel business performance.


RUKCO goes the extra mile to provide unexpected value and a strategic partnership.
They offer smart professionals and do things the right way.
— Dave Murphy, Pepper Construction