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Lucas Finley


Lucas believes if you surround yourself with hard-working, smart people, success will follow. He is proud of the team behind RUKCO and the valued partnership they provide to clients. He believes each individual, when given the opportunity, can and will make a positive impact. 

Lucas was raised in the construction and rail industry, developing an interest in safety which was later fostered through advanced research and education. His passion for safety led him to pursue expertise in behavioral based safety, safety leadership and safety culture, focusing on operational management systems as a whole.

Lucas has authored and co-authored multiple books, articles and research publications, with an emphasis on the practical application of academic models. His extensive knowledge of safety management has taken him around the world, working with a variety of industries in several different countries. He continuously seeks to improve the profession and is passionate about developing future operational and safety leaders.   

Contact Information
Direct: +1.317.502.1776
Email: lucas.finley@rukco.com

Kevin Sullivan

Program Manager

Considered one of the leaders in large-project program development and facilitation, Kevin sets the standard for others to aspire. His experience has provided the ability to not only develop, but also facilitate teams and effectively manage OCIP and CCIP programs. 

Upon graduating from Indiana University, Kevin cut his teeth in the energy sector. This  provided an appreciation for hazardous work and expertise displayed by the workforce. This appreciation is engraved in Kevin's approach and is the foundation of all his efforts. 

As his career evolved, Kevin set his sights and interest on large-project construction. He quickly became the Safety Director of Turner Construction where he developed programs and facilitated teams on large-scale projects from airports to stadiums to hospitals.

Kevin's unique background and diversity of project experience is a major contributor to his ability to foresee potential risk, the expertise to provide effective solutions, and attributes to work with others to achieve successful resolutions. 

Contact Information
Direct: +1.317.508.6923
Email: kevin.sullivan@rukco.com

Jason Hommel

Project Director

Having a father and uncles deeply embedded within the industry, Jason was born with construction in his blood. He was molded into the professional we see today through mentorship provided by his family, determination, and tradesmen's background. Jason's appreciation for safe work and a high-level of construction operation competency is directly attributed to his experience as a laborer, carpenter, and foreman. 

Recognizing his interest, knowledge, and ability, Jason chose to expand his role to a supportive function within construction projects. He was a natural and effective fit as a quality manager on multiple projects, but found his true calling carrying a duel roll of quality and safety manager on a long-term project. 

Recently, Jason has been involved in various safety and quality program initiatives across the healthcare, utility, automotive, higher education, and energy sectors. Jason's passion for the profession is the continuous support to his fellow tradesmen. 

Contact Information
Direct: +1.317.508.1395
Email: jason.hommel@rukco.com

Ben Ross

Project Director

Beginning at a young age, Ben began his construction experience in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Through application in the field as a carpenter, he quickly realized that safety and quality are two keys to success. Working closely with safety and jobsite management he realized a desire to work with people and bring them together to successfully accomplish a goal. 

After working as a tradesman, he pursued a job dedicated to safety and quality with the Indiana Department of Labor's construction consulting division. He worked with numerous organizations across Indiana facilitating safety, quality, and productivity initiatives.

With a keen ability to interact with all levels, he is able to help bring people on a site together to work together towards an end goal. He works to champion safety as the means to quality in work and through this helps increase productivity. His outgoing personality provides an environment of welcome and open communication with people which increases the effectiveness of relationships on a site.

Contact Information
Direct: +1.317.646.1495
Email: ben.ross@rukco.com

Gayla Hurson

Business Development

Gayla is responsible for developing business and clients as well as assisting with marketing efforts.

Gayla was previously with the Construction Safety Council (CSC) since its inception in 1989. She took over as Interim Executive Director in June 2011 and was named Executive Director in June 2014. Prior to leading the organization, Gayla served as administrative director and oversaw all functions of the CSC. Her experience includes work in project management, financial management, event planning, facilities management, fundraising and human resource management supported by a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Illinois State University.

She has been active in volunteering for several nonprofits, including holding various positions on school boards, heading committees, running school fairs, and served many years as a youth baseball coach. She has actively raised thousands of dollars for local and national charities.

Contact Information
Direct: +1.317.690.0389
Email: gayla.hurson@rukco.com


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