Neuro-Diagnostic Institute: Tamper Resistent and Security Sealants

Tamper Resistant and Security Sealants 


Caulk is relevant on every construction job. Whether it is to span a joint that has movement, or provide a beauty bead in various installations. What is unique about the caulk on this project, is that anywhere that is exposed to patients in medium to high risk areas, we must use a pick-proof security sealant. A major issue that the hospital has to pay attention to, is patients picking at the caulk and eating it, in result harming themselves. The pick-proof caulk eliminates this concern, and that is why we will be using it in patient areas on this project. While this product allows some movement, once cured, it hardens up making it difficult to remove. The drawings indicate where this caulk is required in various applications. It is critical the contractors pay attention to installing the correct type of caulk. When in doubt, ask the question. 


RUKCO is proud to be partnering with the State of Indiana on the construction of the Neuro-Diagnostic Institute (NDI). NDI will be the State of Indiana's flagship mental health facility. Throughout the project, RUKCO, along with Pepper Construction, will be facilitating an awareness campaign focusing on the specific characteristics associated with construction of a mental health facility.