Nuero-Diagnostic Institute: Safe Patient Areas

Safe Patient Areas


One might ask, how do we make a high risk defined area safe for a high risk patient? In previous bulletins, items such as drywall type, pic-proof caulk, and anti-ligature and/or security fasteners have been reviewed. A summary of additional items that are implemented into the design of the NDI Tower to ensure patient safety include: round outside corners (CMU and/or Drywall), solid surface and CMU shelving units that have no sharp edges, plastered CMU walls to ensure a smooth surface, security grade recessed light fixtures and diffusers in the hard lid ceiling, tapered window sills, anti-ligature door hardware, lack of receptacles and plumbing fixtures in patient rooms, on/off control of receptacles in patient areas, behavior glass units protecting the exterior glass, scuff resistant paint, intricate door security and hardware, epoxy flooring with integral base, padded surfaces, gorilla glass protected TVs, wall protection and corner guards, specific paint tones, and sloped top shower doors. Attention to detail during installation of all these items will be critical for patient safety down the road. 


RUKCO is proud to be partnering with the State of Indiana on the construction of the Neuro-Diagnostic Institute (NDI). NDI will be the State of Indiana's flagship mental health facility. Throughout the project, RUKCO, along with Pepper Construction, will be facilitating an awareness campaign focusing on the specific characteristics associated with construction of a mental health facility.