Neuro-Diagnostic Institute: Interior Wall Construction

Interior Wall Construction

In the commercial building setting, the typical wall construction consists of metal studs and 5/8” paper-faced gypsum board. Due to how this facility will operate and be used, most of the walls will be constructed with metal studs and high performance (impact and/or abuse resistant) fiber rock panels. The panels that will be installed are engineered to provide increased resistance to moisture, mold, abrasion, indentation and penetration for interior walls and ceilings in demanding construction applications. Because of the intended use, it is imperative that the proper drywall types are used in the different areas of the structure. From the start of bidding through today, the contractors and design team have been in communication on what type of panel is to be used for each condition. See photo below of the coordination drawing that has been put together for each floor showing panel type. These coordinated drawings will be used throughout construction.

The main reason for using the paper-faced fiber rock: less damage to walls whether that be from punching, kicking, throwing items, or even picking the paper off the drywall. Not only will the fiber board prevent damage to the building itself, but it reduces patient injuries (for example picking and eating the paper of traditional type drywall).

Due to the untypical nature of the wall types, interaction between the architect, construction manager and contractors is essential and will be a frequent topic of conversation. 


RUKCO is proud to be partnering with the State of Indiana on the construction of the Neuro-Diagnostic Institute (NDI). NDI will be the State of Indiana's flagship mental health facility. Throughout the project, RUKCO, along with Pepper Construction, will be facilitating an awareness campaign focusing on the specific characteristics associated with construction of a mental health facility.