Leading within a Circle of Trust

The old saying “You are whom you surround yourself with” was something I can hear my grandfather telling me from an early age. Most times, I would smile and move on with little thought as to what he was trying to teach me.

As a professional, the message rings loud and clear. Working closely with like-minded people who share a vision, values, and priorities is the critical component to a successful, healthy working environment. It promotes honesty, integrity, collaboration, equality, support, and caring. It is something I can proudly say we have with our circle.

Unfortunately, it isn’t something that falls in your lap or is handed to you. You have to find it, work for it, nurture it and it will be sustainable. Why you ask? Well, because it is not only what matters to you, but those who are surrounding you.

Simon Sinek does a fantastic job explaining the point. I hope you enjoy.