OSHA Issues Final Rule on Crane Operator Certification Requirements

Some exciting news coming out of OSHA. Recent revision to the crane standards have been published for public use.

Under the final rule, employers are required to train, certify/license, and evaluate operators to safely perform crane activities. Operators can be certified based on either the crane's type and capacity, or type only, ensuring that more accredited testing organizations are eligible to meet OSHA's certification program requirements. Most requirements in the final rule will become effective on Dec. 9, 2018. The evaluation and documentation requirements will become effective on Feb. 7, 2019. For more information, see the news release.

Definitely worth a read to ensure compliance and effectively safe work.


Interesting Perspective and Insight on Trench Safety

Working in and around trenches and excavations is hazard we take for granted too often. Every year, more than 50 workers die in trench-related incidents and thousands more are injured. OSHA and the North American Excavation Shoring Association recently hosted the Colorado Trench Safety Summit to raise awareness of hazards and best practices. More than 500 attendees participated in training and demonstrations, including a mock trench rescue by local first responders. OSHA also shared compliance assistance resources to help keep workers safe from trenching hazards.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Are we causing harm with good intentions?

Awareness and appreciation for mental health in the workplace has been an under-appreciated aspect of our professional careers. It is something present in most organizations. The questions stands: Are we causing harm with good intentions? This article looks into approaches that are empathetic and sensitive.

Being a 'Follower' is an Under-Appreciated Role

Being a 'Follower' is an Under-Appreciated Role

Effective leadership is a vital piece of a successful organization, but only focusing on leadership allows us to miss a fruitful opportunity. We rarely, if ever, discuss the positive impact ‘followers’ have on change initiatives and behavior.